Preparing For THE PROGRAM



It is our goal to make the Super U! Challenge one of the easiest and most hassle-free school assemblies you will ever bring to your school. The program is self-contained and requires no assistance for set-up or special equipment.

A little pre-show planning, will help make sure the school assembly performances run smoothly and avoid any last minute surprises. A few things you should review before the show day are highlighted below.


The presenters will arrive approximately 45 minute before the start of the first assembly to unload and set-up. They will need access to the performance space at that time. Please be sure that the performance area is clear and that there are no other programs scheduled in the space during the set-up time. If there is a scheduling conflict in the space, please let us know and we can arrange to work around it.


Super U! Challenge needs a performance space for school assemblies that is a minimum of 20 feet wide x 16 feet deep (from back wall to first row of students). If the show is going to be on a stage, there must be steps or access to the audience for the host to bring up volunteers from the audience. The show can usually work with smaller spaces, but please let us know before the performance date.


Super U! Challenge brings everything they need for the show, including a sound system. The presenter will need access to an electrical outlet near the performance space, but otherwise, there is nothing else your school needs to provide (except of course, an audience of smiling students).


The audience should be divided into two sections with a small aisle down the middle for the assembly presenters to walk. The presenters have cones and markers to help mark the aisle and define the audience seating areas for the school assembly. If it is bleacher seating, we can work to divide the audience as evenly as possible. During the show, these audience sections will be divided into teams for the challenges. There should be a mixture of grades in each section of the audience (example: one first grade class on one side and one first grade class on the other side….etc). This avoids having a team of all younger students competing against a team of all older student, which can make for an awkward presentation.


Below is a graphic of a typical set-up for school assemblies on a gym or cafeteria floor.

Note that the presenter can work with small performance spaces, if needed. Please let us know in advance so we can plan accordingly.

Note that the presenter can work with small performance spaces, if needed. Please let us know in advance so we can plan accordingly.


The show is expected to start at times listed on your performance agreement. Please help keep the show on schedule by having students come down to the assembly 5-10 minutes before the listed show time. The program is often booked in multiple schools in one day, so if the assembly program starts late at your school, the performance may have to be shortened. If there needs to be a time change, please let us know before the day of the assembly.


The balance payment for the performance is due the day of the show and should be given to the presenter before the start of the first presentation. Payment requests should be made with the school district or treasurer with enough advance time to have the payment ready when it is due. If any paperwork or additional invoices are needed, please contact our office immediately and we will be happy to submit them to ensure smooth payment. If you prefer to pay by credit card, please call our office.


If there is a cancellation or delay in school due to inclement weather, please call our office to alert us of the closing. An emergency phone number for the presenter is also listed on the performance agreement for you to contact. To avoid losing the deposit paid, all assemblies canceled due to weather must be rescheduled.

If you have any other questions or concerns at your school assembly date approaches, please feel free to contact us.