Super U! Challenge Now Available Nationwide - Here is How It Works

NOTE: The minimum booking requirement below DOES NOT apply to schools in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana or Illinois. If your school is in one of these states, please contact us for our standard fees.

The Super U! Challenge tours our core travel states of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois throughout the school year. Every school year, however, a limited number of dates are set aside for traveling outside of the Great Lakes region to give other school districts an opportunity to bring this unique PBIS / behavior program to their students.

In fact, since 2009, the Super U! Challenge has been presented at schools in California, Kentucky, Maine, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida, Missouri, New York, Virginia, Wisconsin, and even Hawaii and Anchorage, Alaska.

In order for the Super U! Challenge to travel to schools outside of our core travel region (Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois), we do have a minimum booking requirement to cover the additional time commitments and expenses involved. We have come up with a pricing structure that allows school districts to share the minimum cost and help keep the cost per school affordable.


  • There is a $3400 minimum booking requirement to bring the Super U! Challenge in to one of our non-core travel states in the continental US, including California. (The minimum is $5400 in Hawaii and Alaska)

  • The minimum booking requirement can be shared by up to 4 schools over two days, and can include up to 8 sessions shared among the schools. A session is one 45 minute presentation of the program. So, if a school did a presentation for lower and upper elementary, that would be 2 sessions. This can bring the average cost per school down to $850, if 4 schools in your district schedule the program.

  • Once the minimum booking requirement is met, additional schools can be added for $500 per school (for one or two sessions) to further bring down the average cost per school. For example: If your school district in Orange County, California wanted to schedule the Super U! Challenge at 6 buildings during three days, the total cost would be $5400 = $734 per school.

  • BEST OF ALL…There are NO additional travel costs, mileage charges or additional expenses. The minimum booking fee (and any additional schools added) is the only cost.

school assembly - California, Alaska, Hawaii

The schools do not have to all be in the same district, but need to be close by, so the presenter is able to visit 4 schools over a two-day period. Typically one school will be scheduled in the morning, and one in the afternoon each day. So, if schools in rural areas can feel feel free to reach out to other area schools and/ or districts to try and get the average cost per program as low as possible.

Limited Availability This School Year

Only a limited number of dates are available for this program and typically sell-out early in the school year. If you are interested in bringing the Super U! Challenge to your school district, please contact us as early as possible to discuss availability. When you contact us, it helps to already know the estimated number of schools that would be booking, and the number of sessions each school would need. This will help us give you the most accurate date options. 

Schools IN Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Contact Us For Standard Rate Information