Amelia Elementary In Ohio Hosts "Super U! Challenge"


reprinted from West Clermont Local School District Newsletter (Ohio)

Elementary students at Amelia Elementary in Ohio’s West Clermont Local School district participated in an action-packed school assembly that promoted a bully-free school environment by encouraging students to make positive character choices when interacting with peers and stop bullying behavior.

The 45 minute presentation was all about challenging students to become their own “personal super heroes” and let their best character traits shine – at school and at home.

The Super U! Challenge was designed after classic Kid’s TV game shows such as “Double Dare” and the current Nickelodeon smash-hit “Figure It Out”. During the program for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade contestants from the audience were invited to take part some “crazy”  interactive challenges that involved everything from Superman’s underwear to a hat full of oozing, green slime.  While they were cheering and having fun, they were also learning, as each challenge was meant to support an important “life lesson” topic that ranged from respecting others to building relationships with trust.

Unlike a traditional “quiz show” assembly that requires students to answer questions about curriculum, The Super U! Challenge did not put students “on-the-spot” or require that they have memorized any facts. The only requirement of the hand-on challenges was that the volunteers (and the audience!) were ready to have fun. Students from all grade levels were able to participate in the show – and as soon as they saw the wild challenges, there was never any shortage of eager volunteers.

In addition to helping kids identify bullying behavior and encouraging positive character traits, The Super U! Challenge also promoted teamwork, good sportsmanship, and cooperation among students.