It's The Best School Assembly in Ohio - Here is Why

Searching for school assemblies to visit your Ohio school can be an overwhelming task. You can find hundreds of presentations that are designed to help educate students on almost any curriculum topic and expose students to wide variety of keynote speakers and performing arts disciplines.

The Super U! Challenge has been entertaining Ohio students since 2009 with the simple goal of helping schools create a respectful, kind, and inclusive school environment. 10 years later, it has become one of the most requested, recommended and referred assembly programs across the state for helping boost PBIS effectiveness, encourage bullying prevention and spread messages of kindness to young learners.

This PBIS-based program is so popular, there is often a waiting list for schools hoping to schedule a date for their school. In fact, almost 75% of all available Fall dates are already booked for the upcoming 2019-20 school year.

The reason Super U! Challenge is such a popular, and positively reviewed school assembly presentation is ability of the show to blend positive messages into a program that is universally appealing and fun for kids.

A Unique Format That Appeals To Students

Every moment of the Super U! Challenge was designed to engage and entertain the target audience of elementary students. The show is formatted like a game show on Nickelodeon or Disney Channel. Similar to Double Dare or Nick Jr’s newest hit, Ryan’s Mystery Play Date, Super U! Challenge features wacky challenges, lots of comedy, and even a few messy moments (not TOO messy, don’t worry!)

The fast-paced format guarantees that students are paying attention throughout the show, and there are no “glazed over” stares when the important messages are delivered. That means that students are having fun AND, most importantly, walk away having actually heard the key messages of the show.

Check out the video clips below to see the program in action in some Ohio elementary and intermediate schools. You can’t help but smile at the fun the students are having.

Focusing On The Hero In Every Student

The Super U! Challenge is an enrichment assembly that is all about encouraging the best in every student. By focusing on the good that students can do by being respectful, kind, a good friend and building trust with teachers and peers, the presentation has a positive, motivational and energizing effect on student morale.

A Natural Tie-In With PBIS, Character Counts, Leaders in Me

Schools that take part in the PBIS, Character Counts or Leader in Me programs recognize that the positive behavior messages woven throughout the Super U! Challenge go hand-in-hand with the expectations and goals that they have for their students. The presenters work hard to incorporate school specific PBIS expectations, motto and messaging into the show to help students easily make connections from the show to what they are hearing from teachers and principals.

Ohio School PBIS Presentation / Speaker

Engaging, Professional School Presenters

The Super U! Challenge is presented by two different hosts, each with over 20 years experience as full-time entertainers for school age audiences. This experience in front of literally hundreds of thousands of students is evident from the first moments of the show. Teachers and principals can sit back and enjoy the show, knowing that the presenter has everything under control (yes, even with those “difficult” 5th and 6th graders).

The performer really ‘stole the show’, so to speak. His dynamic delivery, exceptional voice inflections and perfectly placed theatrics were both mesmerizing and totally engaging to our students.
— S. Curry - Principal

No Surprise Travel Fees

It is common for many Ohio educational enrichment presenters to charge a mileage fee in addition to the fee for the presentation. Additional charges for mileage and/or travel expenses are something that you should always ask about to avoid any unexpected surprises or invoices after an assembly performance.

Due to the high volume of shows scheduled in Ohio, Super U! Challenge has no need to charge for mileage for travel expenses. The fee quoted for a presentation is all-inclusive - helping to make program budgeting easy and stress-free.

Easy Booking Process

Scheduling the Super U! Challenge is a simple process. You can fill out the contact form and someone will get back to you with information by tomorrow (Mon-Fri), or call the booking office at (586)913-3036