A "Super" PBIS Kick-Off and Incentive Assembly For Michigan Schools

PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) has become one of the most popular programs in Michigan schools for helping to encourage a respectful, responsible, and safe school environment for every elementary and middle school student. The program is designed to clearly define the behavior and character choices that are expected of every student during every part of the school day.

Two key elements to having a successful year with PBIS are starting the year by empowering students to make the positive choices that meet the school’s behavior expectations, and then providing motivating incentives throughout the school year for students to stay on track.




An Energizing PBIS Kickoff Assembly Program Option

Michigan schools have been using the Super U! Challenge school assembly as a sure-fire way to kick-off their PBIS program in September and October. The program does what most “in-house” PBIS assemblies cannot do - it makes talking about behavior expectations fun!

The show uses a fast-paced challenge game show format (like “Double Dare” or “Minute To Win It”) to bring the school community together at the start of the year to cheer, laugh, smile, and become energized about their role in making every school day “Super” though positive behavior choices.

On Target Messaging

The core messages woven into the presentation are about being your best “You” every single day. Key concepts include the importance of passing on respect (treat others the way you want to be treated), building trust with peers and teachers, and taking responsibility for our words and actions to help keep the school safe and enjoyable for everyone.

The show directly supports the common “3 B’s” of PBIS (Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe), but each presentation is also tailored to incorporate any additional behavior / character vocabulary that an individual school may use. If does not matter if a school wants students to “S.O.A.R”, “R.O.C.K” or “R.O.A.R” (all three are common Michigan PBIS acronyms) every school day, the "Super U! Challenge” fits right in with what school counselors, teachers and administrators want their students to hear.

A PBIS Celebration

Equally as crucial to a strong kickoff to the PBIS year, is keeping students motivated to keep up the great work. Super U! Challenge is a program that students can forward to (did we mention there is a challenge with slime!?), which makes it a motivating reward incentive for good behavior or an energizing school-wide PBIS booster assembly during the long Michigan Winter months.

When used as a reward incentive, the Super U! Challenge becomes a fun celebration of all the good that the students have helped spread around the school. It shows students that their good behavior not only earned them a opportunity for the reward (by earning tickets, not getting office referrals, etc), but also played an important part in making the school better for everyone.

Free printable posters help students get excited about the “Super U! Challenge” assembly presentation

Free printable posters help students get excited about the “Super U! Challenge” assembly presentation

To help create excitement for the upcoming show, schools can download and print free posters to hang around the school or use in morning video announcements.

Best of all, whether used as a reward incentive or a mid-year positive behavior booster assembly, students will leave the Super U! Challenge excited and motivated about doing their part to continue making choices that are respectful and responsible.

Affordable School Assemblies In Michigan For 2019-20 School Year

Super U! Challenge is a Michigan-based school assembly program. We believe that it is important to spread the positive messages of Respect for others and personal Responsibility and accountability to as many young Michiganders as possible. In order to make the program as accessible to schools across the state, we work hard to keep our program fees affordable. Despite significant increases in travel and operating expenses for the program, we have only raised our fees once in 10 years. It has been 4 years since are only fee increase, and there no planned increases in fees for this school year.

To cost to bring the Super U! Challenge assembly to your Michigan school for the 2019-20 school year ranges from $475-$775. The program fee varies based on the location of the school, number of sessions needed in a day, and whether multiple schools in the same district schedule the program.

Unlike many Michigan school assembly presenters, Super U! Challenge does not charge extra for mileage or a separate travel expense.

To get a quote for your PBIS / Postive Behavior kickoff, incentive or booster school assembly, please call our booking manager at Midwest School Shows - (586)913-3036. You can also complete an online request, and someone will get back to you within 24 hours with all the information you need.